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ECB President Draghi’s Speech


ECB President Draghi’s Speech:

The European Central Bank’s president Mario Draghi will give press conferences. In 2 hours.

This could result in a Euro/used Drop and break the 1.13 levels.
After the press conferences the focus will be on Yellen!

So good for some movement I would think.

How to trade with trusted Broker

How to trade with a trusted broker

Click the link and follow the Instructions

When youre living in Europe:

When youre not from Europe

I Trade with them now already for 6 years and never hade any issues. Got fast withdrawals.
fast deposits.

2) Sign up for an Account -> there are several Accounts between you can choose. First what you need to know about this: These Accounts are for trading by yourself. All tools to trade with ultimate precision.

3) finish your registration by uploading your documents

4) wait for the confirmation

5) fund some money into your “wallet”

6) you can start trading youre own account


Have great weekend


Thank you all for being here with me and  have the positive wave 🙂 going strong … Also thank you all to help to limited spam….
Being honest to me!!
Helping me out with Logo’s creating an how to … Invest guide… Helping me with answering questions … Its really great how you manage to do this 🙂
Joining the waveitforward account!! Thank you for you’re trust
Joining the N profit account!! Thank you for you’re trust

I want to wish all of you a great weekend.

Next weak we go on slow safe steady and with lots of profits.
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