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Mister Mario comming up!

Hi All,


In 10 min Mario will be talking again. Its very hard to sai what that will do with the market at the moment.

To me euro/dollar is at the moment giving so much uncertainty that reducing risk in this pair is needed.  And  protecting capital comes before making money!.


So lets see what he has to sai and more important how will the market react… i mean at this moment market does not always react how you would think….


So see you all around have a great day!!


Waiting for NFP

Waiting for NFP:

Well as you all can see the market is going up down and lot of sidewise trading at the moment wit lot of risk for some break outs and if they come they come big.. This is the reason I have to wait and stay patient!! And wait at least for NFP on Friday and some more data this week!!

I know the profits are not what you where getting used to but it will come again. At the moment I try to do the wise thing and rather not be to exposed to the market…. So for those who want to learn… This is not always easy…. But one of the most important things…

IN cople of minutes we have in Holland a memorial day and therefore my mind will be with al the persons who where there in the war fighting for there lives… I will also be with all persons who have a hard time and fight for there lives freedom an dignity!!!

Today therefore I reopened the trading account charity trading and all the profits in that account will be going to persons who are in need of help…. The account is password protected and I will trade in private  maybe in the future I will make it an investor account.

Well So I hope you have a great day all

Easter and hidden eggs:

Easter and hidden eggs:


I hope you all hade a great weekend with lots of hidden eggs 🙂

Its fun how the market also played some “hide and seek the eggs” around the weekend!!

Rates went up on the NFP but also not all the big players where there to react.

Lots of retail traders where getting out of the sell trades and today well yesterday already we saw a big downward move with no reason at all…. And this morning we go even lower….

Euro is not even near to get out of trouble and Greece matters are also not solved.


Current Greek government has stepped up its claims over WWII reparations from Germany. Grace’s deputy finance minister said that Germany owes it nearly €279 billion in reparations for the Nazi occupation during 1940s.

So this is al in all not the best development for the Euro.

We have to see where this is going and what hidden eggs are still there!!

I will be on it!

Wish you all a great day and hope you like this post.

If you do like share all around the world if you like I know some of my clients want some more insight on how I see things Hope this helps a little 🙂


NFP is comming!!!


NFP is comming it will move the market. But at the moment we have to see what suprises there will be.

 Nonfarm Payrolls

295.00K 244.00K

Or maybe there wil be no suprises at all… at the moment the market is not acting “Normal” but than agian it’s not the time to be normal in the situation we are in!

NFP number is not the only  important thing at the moment as the  missing ingredient is still Inflation!

So lets see what it will bring!!

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Greetings Noas