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waveitforward update

Hi All,

I gues HF understoud that they hade to do something and thay gave all of who was invested in the waveitforward account a refund.

Also there implementing something to prevent this in the future for this account. In my opinion it takes a litle bit to long so I will be pushing this on Monday so we can go on like we did.

Greetings Noa

Waveitforward important updat

The waveitforward account did got an widrawl of 400 dollars that made a cutoff widrawels from over 6000 dollars in the account due the meta trader cannot close smaller positions than 0,01 trades in partialclose. So I was in the assumption we would be very safe with 6000 dollar free margin and I was so wrong and I’m sorry for that! You’ve AL got an email from hf where they explain the new situation and that will protect us so this can not happen in the future again. They also said they would do a small refund for any of you invested. And I will be update you about that later. I still think that is metematical can’t be right to make a cuofwidrawl for 6000 dollars when only 400 dollars is widrawl. And I m stil not completely happy with what the offer to do but maybe they did more than.they could.

Since we where left with only 6000 dollars and we hade realy big trades open I could not keep that open it was way to dangerous so basically we need to start over.

This could be for new investors or persons who want to deposited more a.good time to start or refund but you have to be aware we do not want anyone to stay for only a year you need to be prepared to stay in more than 2 years.

I do want to makeclear that the n profit account is in good shape and is very safe!!! Since we tweaked  that account for how I trade my system.

I’m sorry that this happened and I will answer ofcorse all you’re questions!

Please e mail me if you look to Contact me or reply on this post! I do strongly advice you to sign up for the blog. And do communication here or by email.

Greetings noa

Wish you a good SUNDAY!

Wish you a good SUNDAY!

Good Morning all wish you a great sunday!

The market is sort of preparing for vacation period not much going on at the moment. Us homesales where worse than expected so that was a sort of suprise the euro was doing okey this week. But the FOMC is comming up so that could be moving things around. The Rate Hike could be stil happening september and wel that would be good for all or positions.

The gold went to 7 month low wich is another record broken.  For this year I do not trade it on the account but I was thinking it was worth to mention.

For now I want to wish you all a great day!

Greetings Noa



waiting for Greek slow day

Good Morning all,

waiting for greek:

today will be a slow day for trading on the otherhand we have still Greece to watch out for. Next week open will most likely be the most unpredictable for this year… And there we will have another record broken 🙂

for a trader this year is so interesting and different from all other years… Its not even normal…. But I like it!!

So many records are broken this year you ask yourself… Is this the new standard 🙂

So the account is as safe as it can be for now.. So ready for when the market opens!!!

I do wish you a great day with slow safe steady and lots of profits.


Noa Strijbos

why the Euro is going up after the fall

Good Morning all!!

As you have seen we made some profits.

In these market where the situation is getting out of hand with Greece there lot of rumors about all sort of things. But if you look at the facts we can sai that with this situation the Euro zone is not in a good place now!

I know some of you where surprised about the Euro rise after that big fall!! Well market is moving and traders in the stock market are also selling of Euro investments. This will take some time.

In the end the Euro/usd pair is very dangerous at the moment therefore I was careful in trading it. Brokers are warning and some are even add margin requirements.

But want to let you know All is under control!!

I wish you all a great day!!

Wish you all a great weekend!

Hello all,

This week was rather stressful with waiting for big moves who did not come… So market is waiting until they make there minds up about Greek.  Im happy its weekend! Market open will be interesting since the Greek talk continues in the weekend.

Lot of brokers give warnings about expected big moves coming. Just want to let you know we are in great shape at the moment and we can handle big swings in the market. And Im on it each minute! I’m sorry to be less available on facebook but as I said before I need focus!

For those who want to private massage me I have skype! noasfx is skype name.

Wish you all a great weekend!

Noa Strijbos


EU Extraordinary Economic Summit:

EU Extraordinary Economic Summit:

Good Morning all!

Hope you are all having a good time!
At least I have! I got lot of phone calls from brokers after the intervieuw its kind of funny…. but than again to have the artical publish all over the world is kind of amazing its even in portugees….
But I’m very aware of the fact that sometimes I loose litle focus with all these things and that is to be Honest with you all. But hmm I’m only human… And I try to give my best! So When focus is key You have to make sure when you lost it a litle you get it back as soon as possibal…. ( ooh did i just give a lesson? )

We managed to close some trades. And preparing for more.
The market like I did tell you is comming in better conditions for us. And the Greek situation slowed us down a lot. But I’m working on it.

I want to thank you all for great support and being here with me.
Just want to let you all know again you can find me on skype now and youre free to add me there noasfx is skype name.

Todays important events:

EU Extraordinary Economic Summit
Reuters/Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index US
BOE’s Governor Carney speech GBP/USD.

With the fact we added the GBP/USD the BOE’s Governor Carney speech GBP/USD will be rather important.

Greetings Noa Strijbos

Greek banks closed???

Greek banks closed and update:

Hello all,

Interesting week ahead in fact so intresting that I need to post on sunday!

Greek situation is getting more and more difficult and we are far from closing any deals at least that’s what they want us to believe.

We are running out of time so something need to happen. Also there is a Rumor that the bank will be closed on Monday…

As you all know I trade normally mainly the Euro/ USD but I will most likely add another pair.
So for you who are not as long invested as others… This is part of the strategy and All iss good!

I ts no luxury at all to be somehow flexible. I know that the market conditions are not ideal for us. And the profit I make at the  moment not all that great. I’m Aware of that and working on that!

I want to thank you all for you’re trust and patients. And  the help you give me!

Greetings Noa Strijbos.