11 thoughts on “NFP day and some help needed!”

  1. Hi

    With Skype it will be difficult to manage a lot of people, for group chat Slack is better.


    In Slack you create a team and then invite people to join in private chat.

  2. Hi Noa, looked at a few yesterday – with a small monthly charge i.e. Invert , Wisper Systems, Socialcast and Yammer.

  3. Noas

    You are missing a trick here – your website is build on WordPress; they have a huge range of excellent ‘add on’ functions which are called Plugins.

    They have a very good forum plug in, here is the link to it


    In short you create, manage and control your own discussion area, just like Facebook, but it is private and you control it, no other admins needed.

    The problem is getting people to become aware of it – perhaps you already have the email addresses of everyone who copies you, or has invested in Nprofit? If you have, email them (use ICAN approved anti spam software)

    I may owe you an apology, it was me that reported the fake id profile to Facebook, I am sorry if I have started a problem for you, perhaps this better solution will come from it.

    Several people have posted links to your website from both the old hacked Facebook profiles

    You are welcome to contact for me help if needed,

    Kind Regards


    1. HI Richard,

      thank you for youre post and being honest about the fact you reported the facebook as a fake one…UUGHHH I’m not so happy about that for the well know reasons!I’m pretty pissed of and sad by it…

      But we have to move foreward.

      Greetings Noa

      1. Hi Noas

        Just curious…
        Pissed off that it was reports or pissed off it happened anyway???

        Keep up the good work, may I assume Nprofit is still open for more deposits?



        1. lol just mad about the work I got from it lol. And Im over it already.
          And I will keep up the work!

          And yes the account is stil open for deposites 🙂

  4. I find facebook the best… for communication… and it’s very simple… allow only people who did participate in your pamm. Finish. Why using again another social platform? THis website is not good for communication because we have to come here on our initiave… while fb is a place that everybody visits daily. If you do not restore soon communication & trading people will start to run away. This situation takes months already now.

    1. Hi Marc,

      Nice to hear from you as you know by now there is a page for the communication its https://www.facebook.com/Noasfx You can also massage me there! And well trading is already taken care of! The only thing whith that part is the market at the moment. wich is very very not preticteble at the moment and therefore I need to be carefull with all youre money.

      Greetings Noa

  5. I agree with Marc that a FB group is still the better option. A closed group with only the PAMM investors allowed to join. It makes communication between yourself and your investors so much simpler.

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