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EU Extraordinary Economic Summit:

EU Extraordinary Economic Summit:

Good Morning all!

Hope you are all having a good time!
At least I have! I got lot of phone calls from brokers after the intervieuw its kind of funny…. but than again to have the artical publish all over the world is kind of amazing its even in portugees….
But I’m very aware of the fact that sometimes I loose litle focus with all these things and that is to be Honest with you all. But hmm I’m only human… And I try to give my best! So When focus is key You have to make sure when you lost it a litle you get it back as soon as possibal…. ( ooh did i just give a lesson? )

We managed to close some trades. And preparing for more.
The market like I did tell you is comming in better conditions for us. And the Greek situation slowed us down a lot. But I’m working on it.

I want to thank you all for great support and being here with me.
Just want to let you all know again you can find me on skype now and youre free to add me there noasfx is skype name.

Todays important events:

EU Extraordinary Economic Summit
Reuters/Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index US
BOE’s Governor Carney speech GBP/USD.

With the fact we added the GBP/USD the BOE’s Governor Carney speech GBP/USD will be rather important.

Greetings Noa Strijbos