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  1. Hi Im interested to join your managed forex investment.
    May i know what is the minimum amount to invest?
    When was this program started?

    Can you show me last 6 months trading results.
    Also let me know the drawdown.
    Is this trading on intra-trade?

    1. Hi thank you for contacting me!

      The acount is only open for 3 months and two months we are trading so no history to show. Also we had some issues we wanted to make better for new depositors and olderinvestors so we had some startup sitbacks also the market as you know whas most vitoli in years so not easy at all. The drawrdown was never higher than 25 % at any given time and we keep that in any case! we are now at a 11 % profit in total. I do trade more longher therm but when I can in my stratagy I can trade more positions a day but Im not a daytrader. I hope this helps!

      Greetings noa

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