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forex in the week before Christmas

forex in the week before Christmas.

Good Morning all!

Its the week  before Christmas so not much data is comming out.

I will be preparing the account for next year wich mostlikely will be with more volatility. Wich could be good!

I want to all wish you the best in the week before the hollidays!

Greetings Noa Strijbos

Noa Strijbos ratehike talk

Noa Strijbos Ratehike Talk!

Hi all well yesterday it happend the rathike! finaly they made up there minds. They where giving hints there will be 4 of them in 2016 wich was a suprise for lot of traders the projection was that they would do it slowely.

The N profit is at this moment on a profit for this year: 27,90 %

so all in all interesting times before the christmas.

wish you all a great day!