facebook account and groups hacked!

facebook account and groups hacked!

So no idea what happend something is realy wrong.

Wich means 2 things All facebook persons who claim to be me or all groups where are things are posted ITS ALL NOT ME!

Baksteen Qanqer is one who is using a my picture on his profile please report him!!!

Also this means I’m not going to have any facebook profile groups or pages all communication will go with this page from now. I’m realy curios who are the group admins now.

I will create a page where all of you can ask questions to me and than we can communica like that!




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  1. No admins at this time Noa. You can contact me on email if you want assistance or info or whatever

  2. How do you make sure your logins to etoro and hf are not compromised. If you do not know what happened how can you make sure the accounts are safe?

    1. YOure right looking into it now… HF just gave the conformation my trading accounts are safe!

  3. Hi Noa,
    I hope this will not happen with your Etoro account and N Profit account. You need really strong passwords for there.

    1. yes youre right and its taken care of!! Taking safety mathers now!! this is what you get when you get more famous I gues!!

    1. HI Ronny!

      Love you ask me conformation in each place you can… Thank you!!

      ALL the new links are mine!!

      1 This facebook page is for etoro purpeses BUT THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE FOR N PROFIT INVESTORS ON HOTFOREX: https://www.facebook.com/Noasfx
      2 this website is for etoro clients
      3 this twitter account is for etoro purpuse THE ONE FOR N PROFIT investor is stil @noasfx_forex

      I know its confusing but its better to seperate the things from etoro and HF for communication. And the differences in how they need to be managed. Also its for me better to take control in the sence I have my own websites to post on and be in controll.

  4. Has the facebook group just been left in limbo with no clear explanation as to why Noa’s comments have just disappeared? I understand that the group account has been hacked but there are almost 800 members who might be just as confused as to what is happening as I am.

    If the facebook group is no longer a valid account then members should be told to leave the group. This lack of clear communication does not inspire confidence.

    1. HI thank you for youre comment I connot enter the facebook groups NOt sure what realy happend but there was another person using my name on his profile he is removed in the mean time facebook sort of forced me to create a page with a different profile beacuse I had to conferd it to a famous person. The older account is lost and therefore also the groups. … This is one of the reasons why most communication is going with the website now.. its the only place where I’m in control! I realy tryed to communicate it the best I can! But since lot of contact came from facebook it was realy hard to do it! So from now on this will be the most trusted place to read updates and cummincate with me! If facebook can gut of my contacts just in one click wel than having my own website is the best anyway!

      I hope you understand

      Greetings Noa

  5. Do you want me to post something up on the group to let people know where to find you? I do not think you can leave all those people waiting for an update and wondering what is happening.

  6. There are posts but nothing clear and concise to let people know what has happened, where to find you and that it may be best if they left the group.

    Good communication with your investors is a prime requirement to make sure they are fully informed of any development. Investors should not be left wondering what is happening.

  7. I have posted up some information on the Facebook group directing people here or to the new FB page. Hope okay.

  8. Noa, you can report your profile to Facebook and claim it’s been hacked. You will have to send them a copy of your passport per their request and will get your profile back. Then you can also work with Facebook to get your groups/ pages back.

    1. Hi Mariska!

      Thank you for the help! Are you sure an id card to facebook is a wise thing to do?
      I will look if I can do something!

      until than well Gues this works for now 🙂

      Thanks again

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