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I need help creating an FAQ page:

Hello All!


I need help creating an FAQ page:

I know there lot of you are asking for an FAQ page….

And I’m planning to create one right now!!

But I really need you’re help!!

Creating the questions and answer so could any of you ask under this post a question and number the question and if someone can reply with also the number of the question I will create the FAQ page from there…

Really all help is welcome!!!

I count on you all …. So I can do the trading job 🙂


6 thoughts on “I need help creating an FAQ page:”

  1. Questions like:
    1. Minimum to copy on Etoro and/or HotForex?
    2. Maybe a more detailed guide on how to copy you, with the right settings. <– will require alot of time to setup i guess.
    3. Maybe explain that this isnt a school to learn "how to trade forex". So you wont get the question: "Can u learn me your tactics" etc.

  2. – Whats the difference between etoro/hotforex as investor?
    – what are the costs?
    – why is “waveitforward” closed now?

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