N profit Update

Hi All!

Yesterday I hade A funeral so was less online but ofcorse checking the rates as always….

And what can I say well never delay anything you would like to share or do!!

The account profits are slowly growing and also see that some of you do some widrawls wich you have to deside for youre self to do but really better to keep it invested some longer than 3 month to get some profits And see end of the year the results. It will make me also be able to speed up some more since I have to do the moneymangment on all balance!

Like I said before its not a get  quick rich thing.

Next week will be very important for the longher therm and will most likely give some better derection to the market wich is very good for us! Sometimes if the market is not sure I trade  less until we get clear directions.  Its part of the strategy and I’m working on the end results not on daily profits.

I also want to point out if you here anyone who want to contact me please send him or here to to correct facebook page!

https://www.facebook.com/Noasfx/ you can also massage me there in private if you like!!

Want to wish you all a great day  Greetings Noa


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