2 thoughts on “N Profit Update”

  1. 14.19% profit ? how do you explain that I stepped in 2 months ago with 9.900€ and as of now only 9.500€ is left ?

    1. Hi JAn,

      As I updated here before we had some problems with lotsize adjustment beacuse we got a lot of deposites. We have came up with a selution so that only dpeosities can go in on sunday so I’m able to adjust when I need to at the right time. And until now that is working very well. Unfortanily you where starting when we where in the midle of that. The Persons who are here from the starting date of the account are in 14% profit. And it will build up! The account will grow but I do not use a lot of drawrdown. Also Im not sure youre talking about balance? If its balance please let me know! So we can check this is correct or not.

      Greetings Noa

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