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Some updates

Hello All,

Some updates 🙂

Hope you all are well as you know we where working to make some adjustments for our fund in the pamm. so the new deposited are all coming in on Sunday!

The market is at the moment very unpredictable and very difficult to trade!

So at the moment We have to be carefully mindful adjustable and flexible in the trading.
Until we get better long term trades confirmed I will be trading slower phase. Which will make me more fast when markets give the opportunity Im looking for.

I know I’m not online to much because I’m monitoring the market a lot. I hope you can understand.

The account is in good shape but as I told you before this trategy is not always the best when markets range. In the end the profit will be there do not worry.
I was sort of hedging some of the positions at the moment having some protection here and there is no luxury.

I know the profits at the moment is not skyhigh but the first thing is to protect you’re capital when we have a setback!

This is forex sometimes you make lot of profit fast sometimes you have to be patient while you cannot stand it anymore and sometimes you have to take a loss.
Welcome in my world 🙂

Also as lot of clients really asked me to trade this strategy and do it for more than one year 🙂 well I will stay here and trade for years!!

Slow safe steady and with lots of profits. Is how  we go!

I want to thank all of you for great support helping on my social pages and stand by me!!

It really helps me to do my work and focus on that !!