Waveitforward important updat

The waveitforward account did got an widrawl of 400 dollars that made a cutoff widrawels from over 6000 dollars in the account due the meta trader cannot close smaller positions than 0,01 trades in partialclose. So I was in the assumption we would be very safe with 6000 dollar free margin and I was so wrong and I’m sorry for that! You’ve AL got an email from hf where they explain the new situation and that will protect us so this can not happen in the future again. They also said they would do a small refund for any of you invested. And I will be update you about that later. I still think that is metematical can’t be right to make a cuofwidrawl for 6000 dollars when only 400 dollars is widrawl. And I m stil not completely happy with what the offer to do but maybe they did more than.they could.

Since we where left with only 6000 dollars and we hade realy big trades open I could not keep that open it was way to dangerous so basically we need to start over.

This could be for new investors or persons who want to deposited more a.good time to start or refund but you have to be aware we do not want anyone to stay for only a year you need to be prepared to stay in more than 2 years.

I do want to makeclear that the n profit account is in good shape and is very safe!!! Since we tweaked  that account for how I trade my system.

I’m sorry that this happened and I will answer ofcorse all you’re questions!

Please e mail me if you look to Contact me or reply on this post! I do strongly advice you to sign up for the blog. And do communication here or by email.

Greetings noa

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