N Profit Statement! Must read.

Dear All,

I’m glad to announce that I have come up with a solution with HotForex for new investors and old investors to have the profit equally shared.

As of Monday, all deposits will be made on a Saturday once a week, meaning that I have time to adjust the volume on my trades for new deposits in coming.

The benefit of this is that the profit I make for older investors, will not be shared once a new investor joins. I have time to sufficiently adjust my volume on the opening of the market on Sunday evening, meaning that it’s the best way for me to control everything on the PAMM account and make it more profitable for everyone.

This will not affect your withdrawals, these can be made as normal from Monday – Friday.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions and have a great weekend :-).


4 thoughts on “N Profit Statement! Must read.”

  1. That’s what I like, you are honest, you care and there is integrity. Have a fine weekend.

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