5 thoughts on “N Profit Update!”

  1. Hi, if it is my large deposit that is causing the problem, please let me know and I will break it down into smaller lots and deposit them into other accounts.

    1. HI Liam,

      Its not youre deposite what is the problem:) And you do not need to break it down. We need to have a selution on place for the future as we see more deposite come in the future and that is good for all of uss! So by mondey I have a sulutions confirmed. And than we will go back with the slow safe and steady profits!!

      Also the bigger the account gets the less effect will the big deposites have.. so lets wait until monday! HF is working realy hard to make a special arrangment for us and the account!!

      ANd if its aproved it will be very rewarding for all of uss!!

      1. Thanks for your fast reply. Carry on with the ‘Slow, safe and steady profits’

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